Displayed above are photographs from a mimic exercise I performed during my digital photography coursework. The artist who I chose to mimic for this project was Hannah Starkey. I liked her use of women as a primary subject and exploring them in everyday space. The specific series I drew most of my inspiration for this project from was Twenty-Nine Pictures which was an exhibit at the Mead Gallery in Warwick Arts Centre in the United Kingdom. The specific characteristics of Starkey’s photography that I identified when viewing this series were photographing women, isolation, emphasis, high aperture, warm color, use of reflection, use of natural light, and staging. Of these characteristics the one that I focused on firstly was photographing women, I felt that it was important to stick with this subject because it was such a crucial part of her photos. I also explored using natural light and made sure to use a high aperture, so I had a deep depth of field in my photographs. I also liked her use of women’s reflections, so I included this in my work as well. My photographs were also staged similarly to hers. My work differs from the artist in the fact that some of my photos are of the same people while hers were all different. The biggest challenge I found while completing this project was finding time that worked for myself as well as the girls to shoot. I also had to reshoot a few times because after review of my photos I would realize they were not what I was looking for. As for what I would do differently if I did the project again, I would give myself more time to shoot and shoot several more times. Through this process I have learned how difficult it can be photographing your friends and getting them to understand it is not simply about smiling for the camera and taking a pretty picture.