My series of photographs is a unique take on portraiture centered on the ideas of intense intimacy, transparency, and vulnerability. It includes two pictures of each subject, the first photograph is of their least favorite feature and the second photograph is of their favorite feature. Through this work I explored how women and men view their bodies differently and the often extremely personal subject of self-consciousness. I hope to ignite a discussion about how even the things we do not like about ourselves we can find significance in and possible confidence about when choosing to explore them. Through this experience I had several subjects begin to find beauty within their flaws and flaws within their beauty.

Each image is closely cropped to maintain an intimate feeling with the subject but also exhibit some sort of anonymity. The display of portraits was chosen to mimic polaroids to evoke a nostalgic and personalized emotion. Finally, I chose to have the images randomly positioned throughout the grid so that the viewer is left searching for a portraits match and sometimes even left wondering which features the subject chose as their favorite and least favorite.