I decided to have somewhat of a comical self-portrait. I would not necessarily say I am really funny person but rather a clever one. As a marketing major I have always had to work on coming up with eye-catching, “punny”, and inventive campaigns that people will be attracted to. I wanted my photograph to be a sort of parody on the new trend of parents taking monthly pictures of their babies as they grow throughout the first year explaining their new interests or favorite foods or toys with each passing month. 

I made sure that the emphasis in this photograph was on me as well as the letter board sign describing me because I wanted to make sure I was the focus as this was a self-portrait. I chose to add a warmer filter and even lighting to my photo because I wanted it to seem youthful, welcoming and have a sense of calm. The colors of most of the items in my photo were cooler whites, grays, and blacks but I liked how once the filter was added it gave everything this very charming glow. The many white and gray colors before mentioned also gave the piece a sense of unity.